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"Kimy Mc Laren's ardent Octavie is embodied by a supullent carnivorous soprano." -Le Monde

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"One of the most sensitive indie albums in history" 
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Into the woods
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Illustration: Jessie Durham

La Bohème, Puccini (Mimi)

Against the Grain Theatre

By Lydia Perovic

"How is it possible that I hadn’t heard of Canadian soprano Kimy McLaren? Might be because she has a French management company and performs mostly in the French opera houses (Rhin, Marseille, Rouen, Bordeaux, and Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris). En tout cas, she was the revelation of the AtG’s remount of their now alt-classic Transac La Bohème, which I managed to catch on the closing night last night. There are voices that manage to impress even in simple dialogue lines, and it was obvious that we were in for a treat during McLaren first exchanges with Owen McCausland’s Rodolfo. It’s like there’s an engine there at the centre of the voice, a perfectly controlled yet obviously powerful instrument that keeps creating beautiful sound. McLaren is an excellent actor too–subtle changes in her facial expression or body language meant a whole lot, and she makes you pay attention. Too, her voice blended sweetly with McCausland’s; a good Rodolfo-Mimi pair isn’t as easy to find, but there it was in the AtG transladaptation at the Tranzac"



By Joseph So

Kimy McLaren (Mimi) has an attractive, pure-toned lyric soprano, cool in timbre and ideal in Mozart. (...) she proved to be a fine Mimi, with an affecting “Donde lieta…Addio senza rancor.”


By Ian Ritchie

"Singing the title role, soprano Kimy Mc Laren enchants, her timbre silvery and uplifted, her delivery gleaming and unadorned. Affectionate and caring, a centre of pure goodness, the character of Mimi can all too easily slip into the realm of saintly martyrdom. Open, uncomplicated, clear-voiced, Mc Laren’s strength of attack, her soaring dynamism speaks to her character’s will to survive. Her Mimi may be at death’s door but her nobility of spirit is indomitable."

By Glenn Sumi

"In a venue this intimate, you can’t get away with subpar singing or passionless acting, and this cast doesn’t disappoint. McCausland and Mc Laren invest their lovers with genuine poetic feeling; Mc Laren’s voice is ravishing in its top notes."


By Taylor Long

"Together [Mimi and Rodolpho], they created a breathtaking finale to the evening, resulting in delayed applause from the audience. Silence after a piece like BOHÈME is appreciation at its most sincere."

By Jenna Douglas

"Kimy McLaren (Mimì) sang with warmth and heart, and she had that mix of humility and boldness that can often make Mimì a mystery"

Léonore, Gaveaux (Léonore)

Opéra Lafayette



"Members of the talented Canadian cast were comfortable with the spoken French dialogue and their light, healthy voices made the transitions from talking to singing natural and fluid.[...As Fidelio/Léonore, the soprano Kimy McLaren had expressive bite and clarity."



By Robert Battey

"Conductor Ryan Brown assembled a strong, consistent cast, anchored by Kimy McLaren in the title role. Her supple soprano projected..."


By Charles T. Downey

"Canadian soprano Kimy Mc Laren [...dramatically compelling in voice and stage presence. Léonore’s entrance aria is also a slow, affecting piece, and Mc Laren’s floating sound on the high notes pulled stirred the emotions."


By Chris Williams

"McLaren’s Léonore is assured and nuanced."



By George Loomis

Kimy Mc Laren sang with conviction and resonant tone, making Léonore's aria an emotional highpoint."


By Hoffmann

"Kimy Mc Laren's Leonore the standout voice during the afternoon."éonore-ou-L-Amour-conjugal-at-Opera-Lafayette-Washington-DC



Roméo et Juliette, Gounod (Juliette)


By Laurent Bury

"Kimy McLaren's voice is voluptuous and surprisingly mature for a Juliette, for which she carries all the juvenile quality."








Amours Vécues, CD

By Louis le Classique

"Between poetry and music, elengance and beauty, a florilegium of French melodies... With Amours vécues, the world of French melody gains a valuable interprete who knows how to take over the meaning of the words while building on the richness of the melody. Artistic euphoria garantied."



L'Affaire Tailleferre, DVD

By Laurent Bury

"Prolific and of-the-wall" -


"Provided with a rich voice and a sustained low register, Kimy McLaren is excellent..."

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